Black Mountain Monster

“Poor Decisions Make for Better Stories”

“Friends are the best, always filling your head with thoughts and ideas you would be better off not having.”

      Sitting at my place trying to recover from yet another poor decision, when the phone rings and the voice say “you should come run Black Mountain Monster with me”.  That’s all it took, 36hrs later I was in North Carolina standing in a sea of tents on a unfamiliar college campus.

    Two days before I had done 26ish mile run in the mountains of North Georgia. It was a last minute route that was offered to me by a friend minutes before starting. I was planning on a running a route that offered up a most excellent store with snacks, candy, and sodas at the turn around point. What I ended up running took me out into the middle of nowhere with only 4 GU’s and 2 mini CLIFF Bars. It was an amazing run that left me beaten down and border line broken by the end.

     Black Mountain Monster is an amazing course to run !! It’s a 3.1 mile loop that has pavement, wide grassy stretches, single track, steep, flat, and rolling sections, and plenty of good people. Half way into my first loop I realized how beat up my body was, and how much of a toll my 4+ hour run 2 days before had take on me. I suppose running the McNaughton 500 a couple weeks eariler might have been partially to blame 😉 I quickly made the decision to shorten my run to 50 miles instead of running the full 12hrs.

“One of my favorite things about ultra races are the people you meet, and BMM was no exception. I laughed and smiled and ran circles with my friends for hours … it was heaven !!

     Everyone has their own reason for running, myself included. I was looking for a stress free day running with my friends and laughing as much as possible. I ended up running for a little over 9 hours to get in my 50 miles and then I stopped. I drank a milk shake, ate some watermelon and smiled. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

     I had my return trip all planned out with the closest McDonalds scouted out for my post race nugget feast, but once again a friend put another idea in my head. Instead of feasting on chiken nuggets I feasted on Taco Bell tacos, and they were awesome!!

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