Happiness …

I went for a short run by myself in the mountains today, just me and the trail. I sat on top of Springer Mountain and thought how lucky I was as I gazed at the mountains in the distance. The mountains have always been a place for me to escape and find myself, running has only added to this experience.

     “I have prided myself on living a very simple life, material things have never really affected me much.”

     Today as I sat at an overlook off of the Benton MacKaye Trail  I was completely content and wanting for nothing, everything was perfect at this moment. I smiled and enjoyed the moment as I sat on a rock ledge, over looking a magnificent valley listening to my Ipod and checking my facebook status … then it hit me. What was I doing, when had this transformation taken place. Less than 2 years ago I didn’t own a cell phone, and facebook, well I hadn’t even heard of that !!

“Am I really happier because of all these distractions, or would I be just as happy without them …”

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