My name is Willy, and sometimes I run

My name is Willy, and sometimes I run

(My Peak 500 experience)


        Running makes me happy, and is a large part of my life right now, but it does not define me. My life does not revolve around running, it revolves around the desire to experience, the need to feel, and the joy from smiling.

      I returned to the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont and the Peak 500 Ultra Marathon without a   game plan, no training having been done for this particular race, and no desire to run 500 miles, so why was I here and more importantly why was I so happy about it ??!! Had it not been for a desire to see a few friends in Vermont, I most likely would have stayed in Georgia and continued to run on the familiar trails of the North Georgia Mountains.

      The race started at 4pm under sunny skies with  forecasts of heavy rain, wind, and cold night time temperatures on the horizon …. I packed a rain jacket, questioned my sanity, and took my first steps away from the security of the barn and into the wilds of the Peak Racing Trails. 8 days and 13 hours later I fell asleep with my head lamp still on my head, my shoes still on my feet, and a feeling of accomplishment from completing an unrealized goal.

       This year I chose to run …. not for a belt buckle, not for the satisfaction of finishing, not for a special person or a cause … I chose to run because I love to run. Along the way I met a new friend (Nick), strengthened a  friendship already established (Michelle), and was reintroduced to an old friend (myself). I found a feeling that had been misplaced long ago, a feeling of happiness and content, a feeling that only comes when you are free from yourself and your perceptions.

Running is such a beautifully simple thing, why must we complicate it.

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Andy …. you are a sick and twisted individual, thank-you  !! 

Nick ….. it was an honor !! you are a Bad Mother Fucker

Michelle …. tough as nails and a heart of gold !! happy Michelle is awesome !!

Doc …  have you and Michelle started the cloning process 😉

Joe …. Rochester is beautiful in May, and you need to get lighter picnic tables !!

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1 Response to My name is Willy, and sometimes I run

  1. Words from a true ultrarunner, and a beautiful soul. Thank you for the experience my friend.

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